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Security of private student information is always a primary concern of a school. Since personal information about students is stored in TaskMaster, it has many security features that help protect this data from viewing by unauthorized people. 

Data is password protected

All user data is stored in a password protected UserData file that may only be opened by the copy of TaskMaster that created the file. Although the UserData file is password protected, a licensed owner is provided with the password, which permits the file to be opened, viewed, and accessed by any software application that can access a Microsoft Access database.

Password required

An owner-assigned password is required to open TaskMaster. Owner may set the level of access for each password; for example, one user may only view data while another user may also edit data. A special password may be set up that allows a person to look around inside TaskMaster, but it prevents any additions, deletions, edits, or printing. Owner may check a log to see who has been logging-in and for how long.

Critical task protection

Entry into critical areas, such as initial setup and system parameters, requires the separate entry of the owner password or a system password.

Intrusion alert

An attempted intrusion occurs when someone enters the incorrect password 3 times when a password is required. When an intrusion occurs, it will be logged into an intrusion log and an intrusion alert button will appear on the control panel until cleared by the owner. Owner may click this button to view and clear the intrusion log.

Standby Mode

TaskMaster may be easily placed into a standby mode so it may not be used until a password is entered again. 

Automatic backups

A backup of the UserData file will be made each time TaskMaster closes. If TaskMaster is not closed, a backup will be made every day at a time set by the owner. A backup may be made at any time by any user; however, UserData file may only be restored by the owner. Up to ten backups are retained. User data file may be copied to an external hard drive, a memory stick, a network, a school web site, or an online storage website or it may be emailed; however, the file may only be opened by the copy of TaskMaster that created it or by a copy of that original TaskMaster copy. 

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