Many martial art classes occur as a part of some other organization, such as a college, community center, YMCA/YWCA, or church, which furnishes a location for the classes. Classes may be found just about anywhere, such as in gyms, in health centers, in garages or basements, or in backyards or parks, While the instructor may get paid for his or her services, the instructor usually does not operate the classes as a business, so there are usually no business expenses, except maybe for space rental, so costs for these classes are usually minimal. Some of the instructors may be seeking to make a few extra dollars but most are teaching just because they enjoy the martial arts and teaching the martial arts. The quality of instruction may vary from pitiful to outstanding. Since the instructors are not too concerned about keeping students, they tend to be old school and teach martial arts the traditional way. You train, you pay; if you do not train, you do not pay. These schools have rigorous rank requirements and it may take many years to earn a black belt, but when you do, you will feel proud and have reason to be proud.

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